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·      C# General
·         C# 2005
·         C# 2003
 General: Future items, discussion
Anders talks about a feature he's working on for C# 3.0 that aims to make data programmable in a general purpose and truly object oriented syntax; something that just doesn't exist today.
·         Anders Hejlsberg - Tour through computing industry history at the Microsoft Museum
Anders Hejlsberg is a distinguished engineer here. At least that's his official title. But that doesn't do justice to the role he's played in the industry (first at Borland, where he ran the team that developed Turbo Pascal and later Delphi, or here at Microsoft, where he and his team developed C#). But, don't take our word for it -- listen in as he takes you (and interviewer Charles Torre) on a tour of part of Microsoft's Museum and the part he played in computer industry history.
·         Anders Hejlsberg - What brought about the birth of the CLR?
"We built for the future," Anders says. It wasn't an easy road that brought us to .NET, though. Listen in as Anders explains how .NET was born (and how it differs from COM).
·         Anders Hejlsberg - What influenced the development of C#?
Anders Hejlsberg, the distinguished engineer who is one of the key designers on the C# team, talks about the languages and other things that inspired the development of C#.
At Tech·Ed 2004, Anders Hejlsberg gave an informal talk, answered attendee questions, and wrote some code examples on the whiteboard.
·         Eric Gunnerson - Why are there so many programming languages?
Eric Gunnerson talks about why there are so many different computer languages. "Why isn't there only one kind of saw," he asked back.
·         Eric Gunnerson - How much magic should your compiler have?
Eric Gunnerson, in the final video segment of his interview, talks about how much abstraction should be built into a language, er magic.
Eric Gunnerson talks about how the C# team decides on new features to add to the C# language.
·         Eric Gunnerson - Take us through an average day in your life
To continue the theme (since Greg Robinson told us not to ask people what working at Microsoft is like) here we get into Eric Gunnerson's daily routine.
Lots of people tell Microsoft what they'd like to see in future versions of C#, but what feedback is really listened to? Eric Gunnerson talks about the best kind of feedback.
·         Eric Gunnerson - What is the biggest challenge for programmers?
Eric Gunnerson talks about what the big challenges are for programmers in the future.
Eric Gunnerson opens up his interview series by talking about the change he's seen in his years working at Microsoft (he was previously on the C++ team).
·         Developing Applications in Visual C# .NET
Download the first CD from AppDev’s award winning 10-CD course on developing applications using Microsoft Visual C# .NET. You'll get courseware, samples, and labs along with over 100 minutes of instructional presentation on Visual C# .NET.
·         Microsoft ASP.NET Using Visual C# .NET
This download contains an ISO image of the Microsoft .NET Using Visual C# .NET (CD1), training course provided by AppDev, the nation’s leader in developer training.
This download contains an ISO image of Exploring ASP.NET 2.0 Using Visual C# 2005 (CD1), a training course provided by AppDev, the nation’s leader in developer training.
C# 2005
Anders Hejlsberg talks about one of the biggest new feature in the next version of C#: generics.
·         Juval Lowy
This week, Carl and Mark talk to Juval Lowy about, among other things, the new version of C# (2.0). Of the new features, Juval's favorite is Generics. Generics allow you to define data structures without committing to actual data types.
·         Dan Fernandez - Demo of C# Express (pull images from Google)
Dan Fernandez demonstrates how to build a cool little application in Visual C# Express Edition.
·         Daniel Fernandez - Your first C# application
Daniel Fernandez demonstrates and discusses Visual C# Express Edition -- for beginning programmers.
Have you tried any of the Express Editions of Visual Studio yet? Dan Fernandez talks here about what's cool in C# Express.
C# 2003
·         Managed Code
In this episode, Brad Abrams and Anders Hejlsberg discuss the architectural issues involved with Managed Code, while Nick Hodapp and Chris Sells show some of the programming benefits.
·         The CLR Today and Tomorrow with Jeffrey Richter
Jeffrey Richter talks about the 1.1 Common Language Runtime (CLR) and gives a sneak peek at what's coming in the Orcas CLR. Also, News of the Week and Rory's Top 10 reasons why C# is better than Visual Basic .NET.
·         Scott Hanselman
Scott and Carl chat about .NET, C#, Reflection, Regular Expressions, Freeware, Code Sharing, Config Files, Sockets, Multi-Threaded programming, and a laundry list of Scott's favorite utilities that you just have to check out.

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