Computer Graphics (43 Video Lectures)

Course topics:

Lecture 1. Introduction to computer graphics
Lecture 2-5. CRT Display Devices
Lecture 6. Transformations
Lecture 7. Transformations in 2D
Lecture 9, 10. Three Dimensional Graphics
Lecture 11. Project Transformations and Viewing Pipeline
Lecture 12. 3D Viewing
Lecture 13-17. Scan Converting Lines, Circles and Ellipses
Lecture 18, 19. PolyFill Scan Conversion of a Polygon
Lecture 20-22. Clipping: Lines And Polygons
Lecture 23-25. Solid Modeling
Lecture 26-32. Visible Surface Detection
Lecture 33-35. Illumination and Shading
Lecture 36, 37. Curve Representation
Lecture 38. Curves and Surface Representation
Lecture 39. Graphics Programming
Lecture 40. Graphics Programming Using OpenGL
Lecture 41. Advanced Topics
Lecture 42, 43. Digital Image Processing.

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