Data Structures and Advanced Programming

Course Description:The CS 61 series is an introduction to computer science, with particular emphasis on software and on machines from a programmer’s point of view. CS 61A covered high-level approaches to problem-solving, providing you with a variety of ways to organize solutions to programming problems: as compositions of functions, collections of objects, or sets of rules. In CS 61B, we move to a somewhat more detailed (and to some extent, more basic) level of programming. As in 61A, the correctness of a program is important. In CS 61B, we’re concerned also with engineering. An engineer, it is said, is someone who can do for a dime what any fool can do for a dollar. Much of 61B will be concerned with the tradeoffs in time and memory for a variety of methods for structuring data. We’ll also be concerned with the engineering knowledge and skills needed to build and maintain moderately large programs.

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